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Park Gu-hwan - 박구환.

           Peaceful village L2488 - woodcut. 2014
           Peaceful village M5113 - woodcut. 2015
           Peaceful village-Lighthouse. woodcut. 2014
           In full bloom. - woodcut
           Oil on canvas.2015
           Sea of sound[woodcut] - 2010
           Sea of sound. woodcut 2000
            Sea of sound.woodcut 1998
            Sea of sound. woodcut 1999
            sea of sound woodcut 2000
           sea of sound L2730 woodcut
           Sea of sound. 2004
           Peaceful village -summertime. woodcut 2010
           Peaceful village-ride a bicycle[woodcut] - 2010
           Perfume woodcut 2010
           Born 1964 in Gwangju, Korea.
           An artist, Park Gu-hwan was born in Gwangju, 1964 and he was graduated from Gwangju Insung High School and he got bachelor's degree and master's degree in fine arts at Chosun University.

The contact with prints in Japan, 1991 led him to be a printmaker and to take part in about 36 private exhibitions and 500 group exhibitions or previews in some cities like New York, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Jeonju, Gwangju. What is more, he consecutively served as a judge and a committee member in the Gwangju, Mudeung, Dosol, and Hangju Exhibition and as an instructor at Chosun, Mokpo, Gwangju, and Donga University.

He is now working as a full-time artist and a member of Korea Art Association, Gwangju Art Association, Art Group Pine, Korea Print Association and Gwangju Print Assocation.
Tags: asia art 3, Художники.

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