soyka62 (soyka62) wrote,

François Bard. (1959)

            New York New York, 2016 Oil on canvas 71x71 in
            LES SENTIERS DE LA GLOIRE (Success) , 2016 Oil on canvas 161x161 cm | 64x64 in
            DESCENDANCE (So Be They), 2016 Oil on canvas 195x150 cm | 77x65 in
            Plateforme. Huile sur toile. 195 x 250 cm
            Le Complot. Huile sur toile 160 x 130 cm
            L'interrogatoire. Huile sur toile. 161 x 130 cm
            Ultra Noir. Huile sur toile. 195 x 150 cm
            Kilt.195x150cm.oil on canvas.
            Style. 150x195cm. oil on canvas.

            Labsence.130x162cmoil on canvas.
            Dealer. 130x122cm. oil on canvas.
            La Condition Humaine. 195 x 150 cm
            Tulipes Blanches. 161 x 130 cm

            Talia. 200 x 200 cm

            другие работы и ссылки в журнале по тегу
Tags: François Bard
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