soyka62 (soyka62) wrote,

Andrew Mackenzie

             Service Station Drawing 2.soft pastel, Lascaux fixative and gouache on paper.
             Field Edge 8, 2017.Oil on Panel, 107 x 180 cm
             Clearing 1, 2017.Oil on Panel, 70 x 120 cm
             Street View, 2017.Oil on Panel, 87 x 144 cm

             Field Geometry, 2017.Oil on Panel 40 x 68 cm
             Birdhide (Green), 2017.Oil on Panel, 63.5 x107 cm
             River (Blue), 2017.Etching, Framed 38 x 47 cm

             BirdHide (Red).Etching, Framed, 38 x 47 cm
             Plodda Falls-2 2012.Oil on Panel 31.5x55 cm


             Treatment 2. 40 x 20cm. Etching. 2011
             Footbridge 3.Lithograph 56.5 x 76.5
             Footbridge 2.Lithograph.56.5 x 76.5cm
             Footbridge 1.56.5 x 76.5сm.Lithograph
             Andrew MacKenzie’s work is about landscape, but that landscape is muted and monochromatic. The bright part of the work, that stands out visually, is the line drawing hovering over the landscape that appears to be schematics or architectural plans. While very little of the surface area of the work is actually covered up by these few lines the affect is that the lines are much more visible than the landscape. The bright colour, straight lines and hard edges make you pay attention to the lines and almost miss the landscape, which becomes a sort of shadowy pattern. After you spend some time looking you can create more of a balance between the two and I found myself learning to shift my focus back and forth. Sometimes the lines emphasise part of the landscape, sometimes they add a missing piece and they often include some part of nature brought forward from the background drawing.
Tags: Художники

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