soyka62 (soyka62) wrote,

Patricia Sadler

    Snowdrops in a White Jug. 30x30cm
   Snowdrops in the Garden.
   Snowdrops in the Garden 2. 22 x 23 cm
    Snowdrops in the Garden 1. 35х35cm
    Bluebells and Snow in Summer. Acrylic on board (30 x 30cm)
   Delphiniums. 39x39cm
   Snowdrops in a Yellow Jug. 30x30 cm
    Snowdrops. Mixed media on paper (20 x 20cm)
   Spring Flowers.
   Acrylic on board (24 x 24cm)
   Snowdrops in Vase.
   Snowdrops 28х35
   Snowdrops 2. mixed media on paper 14x14 cm
    Daffodils at the window. 22x22
   (отдельные картинки кликабельны)
Tags: Художники 18

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