soyka62 (soyka62) wrote,

Iwao Akiyama (1921)

                        Grass Grows.
                        Happiness, sadness, grass grows.
                        (Poem by Santouka)
                        A Dream of Hometown.
                         Under the falling leaves of Larch,
                        you will fall into a doze,
                         a dream of hometown.
                        (Poem by Santouka)
                        If you ask what an agony is, answer that
                        it is a heart making a distance between people. (Poem by Ryoukan)
                        A Flower of Sponge Gourd.
                        What a delicious morning sake,
                        a flower of Sponge Gourd. (Poem by Santouka)
                        This Journey.
                        This journey, no end, a cicada. (Poem by Santouka)
                        Walking Fu-Fu.
                        An owl walking fu-fu, without any purpose. (Poem by Santouka)
                        A Good Owl.
                        An owl crying fu-fu. (Poem by Santouka)
                        Playing Cat.
                        A kitty cat playing around with a butterfly with its tail.(Poem by Nansai)
                        Monk walking in the snow.
                        "There is only one way which I can go, I have to go.
                        This road is maybe suffering, maybe pleasant..
                        This road is maybe far away and steep."
                        Woodblock Print, Watercolor - картинки кликабельны
Tags: Художники XVI

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