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Judy Pfaff (b. 1946, London, England)

        2011, honeycomb cardboard, wire frame, expanded
foam, shellac, sunflowers, tree fungus, paper lanterns and steel, 100.5 x
100 x 46 in. Courtesy of the artist. Installation view: Weatherspoon Art
Museum/UNCG, 2011.
                            Untitled, 2010, Paper, wood, wire & rod, artificial flowers, 128 x 162 x 48 inches
                                             ROSIE'S BED.
                                               2009, cut, burnt, and perforated bond and Crown Kozo paper, joss paper, sheet music, silk and paper flowers, honey comb packing material, wire, fishing line, coffee filters, ink, kite parts, 91 x 91 x 6 inches
                                              The Thing with Feathers.
                                                , burnt, folded, and perforated Crown Kozo paper, ink, dyed coffee filters, found images, silk flowers, binding wire, pressed fauna, 96 x 96 x 6 inches
                                                  honeycomb cardboard, lotus leaves, Crown Kozo paper, artificial flowers, black aluminum, 94 x 94 x 6 inches
                                                     De Los Floresby.
                                                     dyed and folded Japanese papers, print matter, artificial flowers, gourds, coffee filters, 91 x 91 x 6 inches
                                                      Nature does not knock.
                                  Year of the Dog #8.
                                 Woodblock, collage with hand-painting
 Untitled (target, garden, lily pad), 2000
 Photogravure, etching, lithograph, chine
collé, hand-applied dye, applied leaves

Tags: judy pfaff, Инсталляция, Скульптура

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